Private healing session with srimati

Ananda SriMati acts as a life counsel and facilitator for self actualization and integrating higher dimensional energies that are part of every human’s energetic blueprint. She specializes in clearing energies that have accumulated from past experience or from attachment due to trauma from multiple time lines, lifetimes or stations of identity.  Her ability to effectively clear is possible and made present by her deep devotion to the power of the heart and her knowledge that all beings are truly divine. All she facilitates is with the intention of connecting you to your own divine energy, the higher force that is present in and throughout your life.  You are the one you’ve been waiting for.  SriMati helps you align to that truth so you may live and experience your life in pure authentic resonance.  She is no guru.  Only a friend who has traveled her paths via Mother, wife, yogi, healer, chef, designer, musician and author.  She shares her own direct experience from her life times in joy that others may tread their own unique paths with more awareness.

SriMati is available weekdays at 11am PST for private one-on-one healing sessions via Skype. To book an appointment, please submit the form below with a detailed explanation of your request for healing. 1.5 hour session = $313. 

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