"The practices of yoga and meditation are divine gifts for humanity. These teachings give us the tools to live truly connected and expansive lives- Consciousness created each one of us for a specific purpose; to be and live our true authentic self in full expression is the greatest gift we offer humanity."



"Julie’s yoga series is a beautiful flow that not only incorporates a variety of asanas, but also a deep spiritual connection to your higher self. Practicing it daily on a retreat gave me exercise for the body, mind and spirit. Julie’s spiritual wisdom and knowledge of yoga makes this practice more than a fitness class, but a journey for the soul." - Susan
"Julie's yoga practice is an impeccably balanced elixir for the modern world. The series is a reminder of the incredible vessel that is our body and how deeply it's connected with our minds and our souls. It's a composition of poses that bring grace, strength, awareness and deep gratitude."- Claire
"Being guided by SriMati is a truly whole and complete experience. Her creative sequence journeys through the physical realm, but also leaves you spiritually charged and emotionally rejuvenated." -Leia
"I do the Jai Release meditation daily and it has changed my life! It starts with a powerful active humming technique which helps me shed my emotional baggage. The ganesh mantra helps me focus and remove the obstacles in the mind. The tree seal visualization helps me tap into my soul’s mission. Finally, the song at the end, helps me relax and incorporate all that I have experienced in meditation. All of Julie’s meditation techniques speak very deeply to me and I am so grateful for this tool to deepen my personal spiritual journey. This 30 minute active meditation goes by quickly. Practicing it in the morning helps me set my intentions for the day and to intuitively know what my divine mission is for that day." -Susan

banner photo by Leia Vita Marasovich
yoga photos by Rich Roll