"It's amazing to know I've made friends that I'll have for a lifetime even though we've only been together for a week." - Todd Kelley
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BODY AS TEMPLE; WALKING THE EARTH AS SUNS OF GODDESS THE SOLAR BEING. Srimati's first solo retreat, Beloved will explore the depths of devotion through ceremony, yoga, meditation, and ritual on the sacred island of Malta. This three and a half day intensive retreat will focus on self actualization and integrating higher dimensional energies that are part of every human’s energetic blueprint. 

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Plantpower italia- May 2018

We invite you to share an intimate week of food, yoga, meditation, exploration & transformation at a truly magical location in Tuscany- one of our favorite places on earth. This retreat is focused on personal transformation, relationships, plant-based nutrition, and a holistic approach to unlocking and unleashing your best most authentic self.


PLANTPOWER IRELAND- July 24-31, 2017

After the success of our retreats in Tuscany, we are thrilled to offer this experience at a new location- Ireland! Over the course of seven days, we will share and intimately explore the tools, insights and inner work required to optimize your relationships, amplify your creative voice, integrate holistic wellness into your daily life and access your highest divine purpose to achieve wholeness.

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Julie photo by Leia Vita Marasovich