The Podcast. Divine Throughline.

Musings on living life divine. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

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Listener Reviews

"Beautiful Teacher. Julie is my teacher. Although we never met in person, I have learned so much from her. I am so blessed to have her in my life thorugh her podcasts, books, and programs. I am thrilled to be able to develop my spirituality through this beautiful podcast.”
“Divine. What a divine, loving, and heartfelt podcast. Julie holds the space perfectly and I feel lifted through each podcast.”
“Beautiful, Whole, Comforting. Anyone who has endured and transformed via a life dismantle will understand why it’s so glorious to listen to SriMati. If you’re in something now; Listen. If you’re on the other side; Listen. It’s like having a wise, calm friend remind you of your souls call and the vital importance of answering. I love with podast for the persepctive and humor. No mistake = Namaste.” 
“A Devout Cynic and a Fan. I don’t believe in God or positive vibes or past fact, I invest very little in many of the ideas that Julie holds to be true (I’m not saying I’m right and she’s wrong- there are multiple truths). It makes for an interesting tension as I have the greatest respect for Julie as a person and as an intellect, I know her beliefs are strong and that she’s an honest person. Even as a cynic, even as someone who is far afield from the target demographic for this podcast, I gained a lot of small insights from the episode I listened to and one BIG chilling insight. So I’ll keep listening and I’ll recommend this podcast not just for people who I think will immediately like it, but also to people who will find a lot of this foreign.”
“A Gift for my Soul and Spirit! Divine Throughline is a gift on so many levels. Julie Piatt’s teachings and musical offerings are profound. Julie Piatt shares reflections on the spiritual path that flow straight from source. Her music compliments the spoken lessons to provide you with a deeply moving sonic expe- rience. I am beyond excited to tune into more episodes and am honored Julie is offering herself in this way - truly a GIFT.”
“Divine Gift. SriMati is a divine blessing! Her spiritual wisdom shines through brilliantly as she shares her profound insights and healing techniques. She is a divine gift to all of us." 

banner photo by Daniel N. Johnson