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SriMati aka Julie Piatt

A true spiritual wellness warrior, Julie Piatt aka “SriMati” is an author, podcast host, plant based chef, motivational speaker, meditation guide, yoga teacher, and singer. At the core of all of Julie’s offerings is an opportunity for an expansion of our perspectives; a gain of cosmic view so that we all may realize our divine blueprint or life purpose.

Julie has spent decades expressing divinity in all her life experiences. Living from a deep place of devotion SriMati guides others to remember their spiritual nature so that they too can experience the full presence of existence: the eternal consciousness breathing all life. Julie is an effective spiritual life guide and mentor as she is extremely relatable and reaches many through her transparency and willingness to be vulnerable in her own life pain and trials. She is so easy to sit close to, to open up with, because she is so disarmingly human and imperfect. Julie embraces people with open arms and truly embodies complete non-judgement. She holds space for others to realize their highest divine directive while employing what she calls Extreme Faith. SriMati recognizes God in all life experiences inclusive of the seemingly dark, and painful events that make up half of the human journey. Julie is committed to stand for others and hold a safe place for them as they traverse their way along the darkened path of their own journeys.

Through embracing a plant based diet, and simultaneously embarking on a deep meditation practice, SriMati healed herself of a large cyst in her neck, which doctors diagnosed as an incurable ailment. This experience gave her an intimate connection to food, and proved to her the miraculous ability of the body to heal itself when supported with pure whole living foods and a connection to the soul. She has created and tested countless plant based recipes inspired from her journey, in her kitchen studio at her home in Malibu, California. Her dishes are fresh, creative, easy and full of flavor specifically designed to nourish and nurture hungry families.

Julie co- authored the best selling cookbook “The Plantpower Way”; 120 recipes and lifestyle guidance released in April of 2015 along with her plant-based endurance athlete husband and best selling author, Rich Roll. Julie authored her first solo book “This Cheese is Nuts” with a June 2017 release date. “Plantpower Italia”, the follow up to The Plantpower Way is scheduled to release in the spring of 2018.

On her five star, internationally acclaimed podcast, “Divine Throughline", Julie shares deep wisdom about the spiritual aspect of what it means to live life divine. With over 350,000 downloads in just twelve months, Divine Throughline is gaining wide popularity in hundreds of countries around the world.

On the show, Julie offers musings in her approach to food as medicine, what it means to live a life of devotion, how to experience deep intimacy in relationships along with her transcendent, healing and soothing music. Julie is also a frequent guest on her husband’s top ranking health and wellness podcast, the Rich Roll Podcast, where she shares her spiritual wisdom as an integral part of wellness, vitality, and vibrant health.

An ancient “humming” meditation technique that she learned from a beloved teacher carried her into the deepest chambers of her heart where a body of original songs were waiting for her to sing them into creative form, a dream she had kept hidden even from herself, since the age of 6. Julie released “Mother of Mine”, her debut album in 2010, and its’ follow up “Jai Home” in 2011 which she recorded and produced with her musically prolific sons, Tyler and Trapper.

What you get with SriMati in all her endeavors, is a sermon or prayer which radiates the vibration of MOTHER, an energy that comes through her essence, her words and her music.

After experiencing SriMati, you will feel blessed, healed and seen.

“Even if no one else believes in you, I want you to know, that I believe in you and I trust you to find your way home. How could it be otherwise? For you are a divine emanation of God.“ - SriMati

photos by Jan Welters